Sales, Service & Engagement Specialist


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Alex often quotes …as my mentor said to me some, 30 years ago… ‘Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make’ and he was right”.


Whether you are a New or Seasoned Business Owner, Manager or Leader, teaming up with a committed, passionate an experienced mentor can  be the best investment you’ll make.

As a mentor Alex draws on over 40 plus years of learning’s that have giving him extraordinary success, and is very passionate about helping people become the best than can be.

I first came across Alex as a customer of my business. He was quick to identify the good and bad experiences that he encountered with our service. 

I was taken with his passion for customer service, and his desire to help. In a business where you’re running it by yourself, you often don’t have a reliable or trustworthy sounding board, and you’re not accountable to anyone. His approach met both of those needs, and that’s why we engaged him. 

He’s a been a huge positive influence on the business and team. Ultimately, that positive influence has flowed through to great customer experiences, and as a result we’ve had great commercial success
— Anthony Donnellan. MHCW Franchise.

Alex takes a very individual and tailored approach with his mentees to help them achieve the right balance of the ‘Four Life Currencies’.

Programs cover:

  • Personal & Business S.W.O.T analysis
  • DiSC Behavioural Profiling.
  • Effective Goal Setting
  • Reverse Engineering desired outcomes
  • Learning to ‘Think Differently’
  • Learn to view the world through different lenses.
  • Becoming Circle Worthy –Personal Branding and Marketing
  • Increasing Sales, Profits & Income
  • Improving Time & Self Management
  • How to get the best out youand your people.
  • Creating a healthy and enjoyable Work /Life Balance.