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Alex’s Presentations

If you are looking for a Presenter with PASSION backed with SUBSTANCE, then you should book Alex as your next Keynote Speaker, Training Workshop Facilitator or Conference Presenter.

Alex’s signature presentations can be tailored as Keynotes, Training/Facilitation sessions or as part of a Mentoring/Coaching Program.


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Alex was amazing! Absolutely incredible speaker and I wish I had more time with him. His training is a massive asset to the company.
— Chevy Stylianou - Snr Sales Consultant, Mercedes Benz

Presentation topic:

Pilot or Passenger?

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Taking ownership of your future.

The PILOT OR PASSENGER program is designed and delivered in a way that consciously engages employees to step-up, take ownership, and stop looking for excuses. Alex will take your people on a journey of self-awareness and personal empowerment, resulting in a whole new level of cohesive engagement.

I thought Alex was fantastic. Very friendly and highly enjoyable to learn from. 10/10.
— Josh O’Sullivan, Mazda Service Consultant
Participants receive a copy of Alex’s book Pilot or Passenger.

Participants receive a copy of Alex’s book Pilot or Passenger.


Presentation topic:

Playing at the Pointy End

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Where are you on the 10/80/10 model?

Why wouldn’t you want to play at the pointy end?? It’s easier than you think. It’s fun and it’s where the real rewards are! In this presentation Alex helps people understand the vast difference between a job and a career, an amateur and a professional and how to go for gold!

Alex is an instrumental part of our business delivering high energy workshops to our employees. He brings a tremendous passion for service standards to customers and this translates into each and every person who attends his workshops.
— Kerry-anne Konstantinou, General Manager, Human Resources, national tiles

Presentation topic:

Attract, Engage, Retain


Making every touch point count.

Companies invest fortunes attracting employees and clients, however the ugly truth of retention rates is alarming. So just what does it take to achieve genuine engagement, and how can your team deliver ‘Awesome Customer Service’ - to both internal and external customers?

I highly recommend Alex if you want to transform your people to deliver outstanding results, exceptional service and motivate them to ignite their careers
— Kerry-anne Konstantinou, General Manager, Human Resources, national tiles