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As you say ... ‘The next person could change your life’, Alex you have changed the way that I look at myself. You have changed me for the better. Thank you!
— Clint Dennis
Excellent!! If you don’t get invited to this course ask to get on it! Alex is a fantastic presenter and full of information. Best course I have attended, and looking forward to using these new skills.
— Michael Simpson
Opens the mind to options that can be utilised today - with immediate results!
— Jeremy Richards
Alex Bonett was the awakening I needed. After attending such an inspiring and motivational seminar, i was bursting to get home and start planning my new life, assessing my goals and achieving and the best I could. For me it was though Alex knew me inside out and spoke only to me, although we were ina room full of people, he literally shook e and woke me up!
— Leah o'Shea.
A fair dinkum seminar! Straight forward & some great ideas that can be implemented the very next day.
— Michael Ripke
Alex, I thought your presentation was fabulous! You really opened my eyes to the endless possibilities. You have a lot of positive energy to offer people - fantastic
— Rowena Henderson
Hi Alex, I thought you might like to hear this wonderful news...
As a result of your fantastic seminar on Wednesday, one of our sales consultants who had been no sales is closing 4 out of 5 sales! She is kicking some major butt!!!! Her confidence in herself has skyrocketed. Everyone is singing your praises.
— Anne Doherty
Like your down to earth approach. I needed a kick up the backside... I’ve been too complacent.
— Leanne Carter
Excellent presentation. Understanding of issues that can improve the way we think and sell” -
— Dominique
I am generally a motivated and productive person, but listening to your presentation I found the words re-iterating what I try and practice in everyday business and also in my personal life. I just wish more people would think a little like you! I especially agree that people take life way too seriously, things can still get done, but have fun doing it.... Life is short.
— Clare Hamilton